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Lead-to-Cash Bash Pool Hang - 5PM

Greetings Bashers! For those of you who have arrived or are in the process of arriving, welcome to Orlando! We've got some folks that have kicked off the festivities early, so for anyone already at the resort, feel free to stop by the Dolphin pool bar to find friends and make some new ones. We'll be formally gathering -- weather permitting -- at 5pm. From there, everyone is on their own but we'll likely be moving the party to the Dolphin Lobby Bar -- which offers plenty of room to mix and mingle.

The Disney Dolphin App & Dinner Options

For those looking for dinner options for Wednesday evening, download the Disney Dolphin Resort app -- there are a number of other conferences taking place at the resort this weekend so reservations at restaurants on property will be recommended. We highly recommend:

  • Shula's Steakhouse (Dolphin)

  • Il Mulino (Swan)

  • BlueZoo (Dolphin)

If you're not able to secure a reservation through the app, check OpenTable as sometimes they have different inventory available. There are also a host of restaurants available on the Disney Boardwalk which is just a 10 minute walk from the Dolphin and Swan hotels.

Dress Code

A lot of Bashers have been asking about dress code for the conference and evening events. Our goal is to make this a relaxing environment for all. Business casual, Island casual and Florida casual attire is encouraged! Don't be afraid to rock your shorts, flip-flops or Hawaiian shirts.

Conference Location Thursday Morning - Swan Ballroom 10 - 10AM ET

Important note that our conference is taking place at the Swan Hotel at 10am Thursday morning. Registration is at 9am so head over early to get your badges, park tickets, and welcome bags. To get to the Swan from the Dolphin, head down the escalators in the Dolphin Lobby to the back walkway which will bring you right to the Swan. Take a right at the four swans in the main hallway and follow the signs to the Ballrooms.

On-site Support

If you have any issues with reservations or need assistance with anything else, please reach out to Julia Kuziomko via email or TEXT at ‭603-479-2398‬. We're looking forward to seeing you all!

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